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Epsilon Xi Chapter was chartered on April 10, 1976 evolving from the removed practice of the Intermediate Chapter. Many decades ago cities chartered intermediate chapters. These chapters had both graduate and undergraduate members. Alpha Rho was the intermediate chapter operating in the Sacramento area, and graduate brothers felt that a separate Graduate chapter would better serve the community

Epsilon Xi Chapter Signature Events


Our signature events are Talent Hunt, Christmas Toy Drive, and Student Award  Banquet. These important events recognize community talent, assist foster children and provide scholarships to prominent graduating seniors who participate in scholastic activities or excel in the Arts, Leadership, Sports, Clubs and/or other activities. 

Serving the Sacramento Community


The Epsilon Xi chapter has existed in Sacramento for over 40 years and our members have participated in all facets of city life, providing service to government, civic, educational, and humanitarian efforts. Our main emphasis however is in giving scholarships to graduating high school seniors as a springboard  to their college education.